Korab Resources

Korab Resources Ltd is a diversified international mining and exploration company listed on Australian Securities Exchange (ASX code is KOR) with gold, silver, phosphate and magnesite development projects and cobalt, copper, nickel, gold, zinc and lithium exploration projects. Korab's resource inventory comprises 3.3 million ounces of gold and 16.3 million ounces of silver. Korab operates 3.3 mln ounce Bobrikovo gold and silver mine (Ukraine), Geolsec phosphate mine and Winchester magnesite project (Australia). Korab also explores for cobalt, zinc, gold and other metals at Batchelor in the Northern Territory and for copper and gold at Mt Elephant in Western Australia.

Winchester (Magnesite)
Winchester magnesite deposit is operated by Korab's subsidiary AUSMAG PTY LTD. It is one of the best located magnesium deposits in the world with ~17 million tonnes of JORC Code compliant resource @ 91% MgCO3. Winchester is located just 75 km south of the port of Darwin. Project is serviced by excelled infrastructure including, rail, sealed highway, gas pipeline, high voltage power and potable water. Magnesium is stronger than steel yet lighter than aluminum. It is widely used in chemical industry, aerospace and military applications, steel making, as flame retardant, super conducting materials, automotive sector and building and construction.
Winchester deposit ...

Geolsec (Phosphate)
Geolsec Phosphate Operations Pty Ltd (GEOLSEC) is the operator of the Geolsec phosphate mine located near Darwin in the Northern Territory. The phosphate mine has recently completed permitting process. The Geolsec project has some of the best logistics and basic infrastructure of any rock phosphate project in Australia. The mine is located 2km from the town of Batchelor, approximately 70km south from the port of Darwin (capital of the Northern Territory). Geolsec mine is accessible all year round by sealed Batchelor Road. Geolsec is situated in close proximity (10km by sealed road) from Stuart Highway and the transcontinental railway line connecting Darwin with Adelaide (capital of South Australia) and with the national road and rail transport network which links Adelaide with Western Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.
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Bobrikovo (Gold & Silver)
gold and silver project contains 3.3 million ounces of gold and 16.3 million ounces of silver in JORC compliant resource. To read more about the Bobrikovo Project please go to the Bobrikovo page by clicking on this link. The project is located in the Lugansk province in Eastern Ukraine. Bobrikovo has been mining and stockpiling oxide ore on a campaign basis and has commenced the development of the processing plant and other mine infrastructure. It is planned to develop the oxide and transition zones of the deposit as a simple open cut mine.


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Batchelor and Green Alligator Projects
Batchelor project is located in the Rum Jungle Mineral Field in the Pine Creek orogen of the Northern Territory, 70 km south of Darwin. The Batchelor project contains several cobalt, zinc, gold, nickel, copper and other metals prospects. It also hosts historical gold mine (Sundance) which produced gold at a head grade of over 10 g/t Au.Past exploration shows that target stratigraphies at Batchelor have a potential to host cobalt, zinc, gold, tin, copper, lead, phosphate, rare earths, nickel, lithium, and banded iron formations. Drilling, rock chip sampling and soil geochemical surveys to date have confirmed widespread cobalt, nickel, copper, lead and zinc anomalism associated with EM conductors.(click here for diagram)

Pilbara Gold and Lithium
Korab has several projects in Pilbara prospective for placer gold, cobalt and lithium. Projects are located near Karratha, Roeburne and Marble Bar.

Mt Elephant Project
Mt Elephant is an early stage exploration project with primary focus on copper and gold. It is located south of Paraburdoo in Western Australia.

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